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Peat – is one of the richest natural constituent elements for its summation of characteristics and the domain of its exertions.
Peat – is a fuelling minerals which conforms under the agglomeration of plants that undergoes incomplete putrefaction in the areas of swamps.

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Peat – is a precious gift of nature; its correct and efficient utilization opens inexhaustible facilities at agro-industrial complex and gardening.
Peat contains:

Uses of Peat
Peat has a large number of uses, which may be classified under three headings:

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Substrats are produced with the holland fertilizer «PGmix» used for growing seedlings of vegetables, flowers, trees and bushes, loans and also for soil structure improvement. Composition: peat moss with 5,5-6,5 pH acidity, mineral fertilizers mg/100g of dry substance: Nitrogen (N) 170-270, Potassium (К20) 200-340; Phosphorus (Р2О5) 110-190 and complex of microelements (MN, MO, CU, FE, B, ZN).
Package:plastic bags 10l, 25l, 80l.

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