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Peat – is one of the richest natural constituent elements for its summation of characteristics and the domain of its exertions.
Peat – is a fuelling minerals which conforms under the agglomeration of plants that undergoes incomplete putrefaction in the areas of swamps.

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Peat – is a precious gift of nature; its correct and efficient utilization opens inexhaustible facilities at agro-industrial complex and gardening.

Uses of Peat
Peat has a large number of uses, which may be classified under three headings:

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Welcome to the company "Belgroup"

Company BELGROUP has been existing on the market for more than ten years and has proved itself as a prosperous, reliable and dynamically developed company in the region of gross sale of broad spectrum of goods.

Due to close and long-term partnership with the turf-produced enterprises in Belarus this company leads dynamical gross sale of the following aspects of products:


- Peat moss in Big-Bags
- Sod peat
- Pellets
- Substrats


We propose expedient prices on our products, which are specified by that aspect that our company deals outright with the companies-producers.

Different kinds of calculation, well-thought-out system of discount make the acquirement of turf and manurings is much more advantageous for our customers. You can become acquainted with the stock of products and the terms of partnership on our web page.


We respect the interests of our customers, that is why we treat all your calls as fast as we can. And our collective proposes you a fine-drawn choice of products of the finest quality and upon mutually beneficial price.

The pledge of mutually beneficial partnership is an individual approach to every customer, efficiency of supplies and stability of our work.

If you apply to our company, you will make sure of all this information, that has been represented earlier.



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